Mindful Exercising Makeover

Are you someone who needs to lose 20, 30, even 40 or more lbs?
Are you someone who hasn’t worked out in 1, 2, 3 or more years and wants to get fit but don’t know where to begin?

Are you ready to begin but want to avoid the gym and super hi-intensity home workouts like P90X and Insanity? Would you like your workouts to be short and sweet, 12-15 minute sessions that are easy to follow and simple to do?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,

then this digitally downloadable ebook is for YOU!!


In your quest to become healthy, there are many ways to get there. These days, almost everywhere you turn, popular culture is telling you hi-intensity home workouts like P90X or INSANITY are the answer or a program like Crossfit is what you need.

However, whether its that you’re turned off by the idea of going hardcore right now or you aren’t comfortable going to the gym or a Crossfit “box”, something has told you they aren’t for you or you wouldn’t be reading this book. Please understand these programs aren’t for everybody (in particular beginners to working out or those who haven’t worked out in a long time).

Don’t get me wrong, they can be great for people who have been working out for a while and are ready to be pushed outside their comfort zones or for those who need variety. At the same time they can lead to injury or overwhelm for newbies to working out.

Another option is to take the road less traveled. For our purposes, the road less traveled is the path of SIMPLICITY at home, with 12-15 minute super simple Circuit Workouts. That’s what the Mindful Exercising Makeover is all about. Here there is ample opportunity for peace, competence and confidence….you’ll be learning to go with the flow, mirroring the wisdom of the universe…”crawling” before we walk or run.

Besides being a new adventure, there is nothing that dictates a struggle on the path of simplicity. Through MEM, I will provide you with a very effective way to keep it simple so that the process becomes DOABLE and ENJOYABLE!


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Dear Friend,

My “Back”story…A Tale Of A Comeback Kid

I’d like to share some of my personal history with you to illustrate how my life has been the “proving ground” for this book, Mindful Exercising Makeover, and the ideas and insights that have led to my own very profound transformation and to let you know that I’ve been knocked down but chose to get back up, to become a “Comeback Kid” again.So on with the story…You see, all of my life I have been active and athletically inclined. Growing up in Ohio, I was a 3 sport high school varsity athlete participating in Soccer, Basketball and Tennis. I was named Northwest Ohio’s first ever Soccer All-American, named All-District in Basketball scoring over 1000 points over my 3 yrs of varsity action, and finished 3rd in the State in both singles and doubles in tennis. In college, I was an Academic All-American at #1 singles and doubles at Emory University, where I achieved an NCAA National singles ranking of #17 and doubles ranking of #9. In soccer, I was a four year starter, two-time National Soccer Championship participant, and three-time University Athletic Association’s Athlete of the Week. My senior year I was the recipient of the Russell Bridges Award, given to the University’s Best All-Around Male Athlete…certainly one of my most prized awards.
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However, in 2005 my physical health started to deteriorate. Due in large part to all the crummy food I had been consuming over the years (namely lots of Taco Bell), my digestion had become severely screwed up and my body began to ache. Ultimately my body broke down and I started to experience serious back problems…my health was trending downward. I am now quite confident that it was the poor eating and lack of stretching that had a major role to play in it.

Regardless of the cause, we can only take so much stress in our lives before we start to “breakdown” and in my case, I had just about all I could handle.

Something had to give and that’s when it happened…

I was in the gym working out doing some chest-flys when all of a sudden I felt something “slip” in my mid-spine. I couldn’t move my head without feeling like my spinal column was going to collapse. It was excruciating discomfort and I was scared to death. To make a long story short, I had to step aside from all private training of others as well as any training for myself for about 6 months.

At that time I had to stop all forms of movement and was living with a great deal of pain, sleeping only about 2-3 hrs/night. My weight plummeted to 138 lbs and I felt like I was slowly “going away” and I was losing everything on which I had built my “identity”.

Adam Michael Brewer at 138 lbs

But something inside me wasn’t ready to give up. I was determined to turn things around. Through a series of synchronicities, I created a healing team around me. I enlisted the help of a massage therapist, a yoga therapist and a nutritionist and the transformation began.

Slowly but surely there was an awakening occuring…parts of me that had been wounded…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually were now mended and a new identity began to emerge.

Now having said this, my physical body was still very de-conditioned and I knew I needed to start strengthening my muscles and building my aerobic capacity. It was time!! I had to break the cycle of feeling sorry for myself and I began the climb back to loving and caring for myself one step at a time. I knew that if I could simply build my strength and stamina progressively, anything would one again be possible. So step-by-step, day-by-day, the journey of what seemed to be 1000 miles, began.

Instead of going to the gym and spending an hour working out like I had in the past, I decided to start very simply right in my apartment. My energy level both physically and mentally allowed me to put in about 12-15 minutes of working out/day. I wasn’t ready for, nor did I want to do any type of hi-intensity activity. I had to start somewhere and putting together really simple strength and cardio circuits I could do with either my bodyweight or the light dumbbells I had at home, seemed to do the trick.


I knew that I could commit to doing 12-15 minutes/day for a month or 2. And I did!! By keeping my workouts short and not very intense at first, allowed me to be consistent, which simultaneously built both my confidence and my strength. There is a zen saying that reads, “One can only rise to a level that which their foundation can hold.” This month or 2 of easing back into a routine, a pattern, a habit, afforded me the foundation I needed to keep going and growing.

So, jump ahead several years to today. I’ve put on 20 pounds of lean muscle, once again weigh 155 lbs, I’m feeling healthier and stronger than ever, I’m eating about 90% vegetarian, and my bootcamp and personal training business are thriving. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually I found my center again.

Adam Michael Brewer Fitness

I live each and everyday with gratitude, enthusiasm, and wonder. I feel so blessed to be doing what I’m doing.

Great Story Adam But How Does This Apply to Me?

So at this point, you might be saying this is all well and good, but how does all this apply to me? Well, whether you’re also coming back from an injury, or have taken way too much time off exercising and now need to lose 20, 30, 40 or more pounds, this program, Home Fitness For Beginners, is a wonderfully safe place to begin.

For whatever reason you have been “knocked down”, I want to help you get back up, so you can have your own “Comeback Kid” Story!

I am certain that Mindful Exercising Makeover can be the golden ticket to get you back into the game of your life, better than before, more vital than before…where you thrive rather than just survive.

In this book…

* I walk you through your FIRST 28 Days of Workouts.

* The workouts are only 12-15 minutes in duration!

* You”ll get links to follow-along videos for Warm-Up, Post Workout Stretching, 5 Minute Ab Routine, 10 Minute Sport Yoga Flow, 5 Minute Foam Rolling.

* You can get started TODAY! Yes, having a yoga mat and a pair of light dumbbells enhances the workout, but until you get them, you can use bodyweight and a towel…NO EXCUSES!

* You get pictures of all of the exercises…both the strength and the cardio.


And the best part is the Price! A private workout session with me in Santa Monica, CA costs $125 and I have clients paying me $1400/month to workout with me. But you won’t pay anywhere near that. You won’t pay $79, nope. Not even $49 or $29, nope.

So how much is it, Adam? You see, you’ll get 28 Days of workouts designed by me, for ONLY $9.99. That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong.

You get Mindful Exercising Makeover for ONLY $9.99

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Wishing you abundant health and happiness,

Adam Michael Brewer