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If it is fuel for an active, vital life you are looking for, search no more. Brewer Wellness provides you with fuel for body, mind and soul. Get ready to dive deeply into the areas of spirituality, exercise, nutrition, yoga, meditation, self-realization, inspiration and transformation…it’s time to awaken to your true self.

Whether you choose Adventure Boot Camp in Santa Monica, Wellness and Meditation Coaching, One-On-One Transformation Training, or Sport Yoga classes, by working with Adam Michael Brewer, you will exercise and realize your pure potential.

The Brewer Wellness VIP Club


I just launched my very own online, monthly-subscription site. This truly is the place to be if you want Holistic Health Simplified. It will be about all things fitness, meditation and spirituality. Becoming a member of this VIP community grants you immediate access to all my products: 3-Minute Meditations, Meditate108, the ME Makeover At-Home Workout Package, the Mindful Exercising Makeover ebook, the Mindful Eating Makeover ebook, The ABS Effect workout program and so much more.

Regularly I will add content in the form of guided meditations (both audio and video), mindfulness talks, breath work practices, workouts, nutrition tips, ebooks/PDFs and expert interviews.  And the best part is the price…ONLY $7.99/month.

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Adventure Boot Camp

AMB ABCAdventure Boot Camp utilizes the revolutionary Mindful Fitness Flow system, a holistic integration of strength training, core conditioning, mobilization, yoga, and meditation into the ultimate outdoor exercise experience.

This program has been specifically designed with the 35+ crowd in mind. Classes are kept small…maximum 10 people, so they have a group personal training feel.

Whether you are a beginner, need to lose 10+ pounds, or are just tired of the same routine, come try this whole new approach to exercise where we lift, stretch, condition and play our way fit!

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3-Minute Meditations

3-Minute Meditations PackI’m thrilled to announce that my new product called 3-Minute Meditations…A Simple 28-Day Jumpstart To The Life-Changing Practice of Meditation, is now available.

This book and audio program is for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to meditate but didn’t know where to begin or thought they didn’t have the time or couldn’t quiet their mind. In this book, I dissolve all the obstacles and make the life-changing practice accessible and doable for everybody.

I consider it such a privilege to share with others the greatest gift I have ever given myself…the daily practice of meditation.

With a simple, intentional, easy-to-implement practice, you’ll witness an increase in peace, joy & gratitude and a decrease in stress, anxiety & overwhelm in your life.

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Mindful Exercising Makeover


Mindful Exercising Makeover...15 Minute Simple Circuit Workouts For Men and Women is now available!

Are you someone who needs to lose 20, 30, 40 or more pounds? Are you someone who hasn’t worked out in 1, 2, 3 or more years and needs to get back in the game of life? Are you ready to begin but want to avoid the gym and super hi-intensity home workouts like P90X and Insanity? Would you like your workouts to be short and sweet, 12-15 minute sessions that are easy to follow and simple to do?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this digitally downloadable ebook is for YOU!!

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